• At our store you can find fun gifts fit for the whole family! There’s something for the kids, the grand kids and even your cat or puppy!
  • Drive your cat wild with Catnip Cuties for hours of entertainment!
  • Discover how to start “greening up” with solar energy through our educational course DVD!

“I love working with Denise, she really has a great product and she stands by it. You walk into her house and you can see the amount of work she’s put into these hats as you can find throughout her house in every nook and corner. Don’t think twice, buy something fun for the family!” -Kyle Artzt

Welcome to Sewing and Solar
High Quality Apparel and Green Energy

Our company goal has been to create top quality items for all your sewing needs. We create custom barbie doll dresses, bags, hats, catnip cuties and much more. On top of that we have available on our solar page the necessary resources and the instructional DVD necessary for you to add solar power to your water heater at home. As an effort to assist with green energy awareness, we’ve dedicated a portion of our website to this cause.

Solar Water Heater Installation DVD
Want to set up an evacuated tube solar collector at home to power your hot water supply? We've created this instructional DVD to help people install these in their homes and to promote green energy.
Price: $79.95
Price: $39.95
Santa Pet Hats
Who says that humans are the only ones who can dress up? With our Santa Pet Hats, you can even get your cat involved!
Price: $10.00
Pet Size :
Santa hats
Santa hats
These fashionable Santa hats make the perfect dress-up item for the holidays, Halloween or other dress-up events.
Price: $20.00
Size :
Fold-up Hats
These fold-up hats are just perfect for going to the beach, hikes and more! These sun hats are great, watch the video on the sun hat's page!
Price: $17.00
Catnip Cuties
This is the product description and it will be very long or very short depending on what happens when I am coding.
Price: $3.00